3 Reasons Why Music Needs Video

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Music is one of the most engaging and accessible art forms. It inspires, creates, and makes lasting memories in the minds of the listener.

Something special happens in a listener’s mind when enjoying a song, not many art forms can transport you back in time as well as music.

According to a study preformed by Microsoft, the average human attention span is steadily dropping. “Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds.” (TIMES MAGAZINE)

With only 8 seconds to hold someone’s attention the entertainment industry may need to step up its game. Music is in danger of becoming only background noise to a majority of listeners unless it can adapt.

This is where videography comes into play. Video, similar to music. has become a strategy game and has to change itself to introduce a new hook every 8 seconds to not loose its audience.

Three Reasons why Music needs Video:

  1. Immersion

Adding the demension of video to song can help bring music to life. By working together to maintain audience interest these two art forms are much more valuable together than apart.

Instead of the song working alone to continually hold the audience’s interest it can rely on the visual advantage of video working just as hard.

  1. Storytelling

Songs have powerful storytelling potential. With the use of video a songs story can be even stronger. Even flashes of video clips can force an audience to invest interest in a song and want to see where the story will take them next.

  1. Visual Identity

Music creates its own identity through the imagination of the listener. Video allows musicians to create a visual identity to match the audio one. Style, mood, and story are aspects of a bands identity that benefit from making music videos.

MTV’s initial success is due to the great music videos of that time. As times changed YouTube replaced MTV as the main music video platform. This leveled the playing field for bands everywhere. Quality music videos are the best chance many bands have at going viral because of the web.

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TIMES MAGAZINE: http://time.com/3858309/attention-spans-goldfish/

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