3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Wedding Video

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Wedding Video

“Wedding?” Grandpa would say “come with me I have something to show you.” Together we would wander to my grandparent’s living room where grandpa pulls a shoebox out from underneath his entertainment center. “Here is my wedding video, perhaps the best wedding to ever take place” (grandpa is a bit eccentric). Grandpa pulls out a dusty VHS and before I knew it (after sitting through rewinding and banging the VHS player a few times) we were sitting through an hour long muffled video recording of my grandparent’s wedding. I’ve sense learned countless excuses to be used when an elderly family member runs for the VHS players after discussing weddings. Fast forward to today, the digital age.

Today wedding videos have evolved way past the average longwinded, low quality videos of the past few generations. Today’s wedding videos are high definition visual representations that tell the unique story of your special day.

Listed below are 3 reasons you must have a wedding video.

1. Your Wedding Through Our Eyes-Never Miss a Moment

“It was so fun to watch the video because as every bride/groom knows, the day is a whirlwind and there is so much you don’t get to see (details, flower girls, etc.)” -Jenna Sorenson Previous Pulse Productions Client

It doesn’t matter how well planned your special day is, it will still be chaotic, and that’s okay! A bride works so hard to make their wedding day perfect but is severely limited in her view from the alter. On your wedding day your focus is going to be completely on your significant other, you are going to be repeating the words of the officiate, putting the ring on, focusing on not tripping, etc. You will not have time to just stop and admire the beautiful day you’ve made happen. This is where video comes in. Imagine three different cameras capturing the best view possible from three different angles and then that footage edited down into one wonderful video showing only the best footage at any point of time.

2. Let’s Strategize-The Power of Planning

A videographer can sit down with you and discuss the most important moments and be there ready on your wedding to day to ensure that those once in a lifetime moments can be relived again and again until the end of time. Our first summer in business we had no examples, brides had to take us at face value and trust that we would do a good job. We created a guide to be used during consultations that outlined the most common moments during every wedding and how we planned on capturing them. There were blanks for the bride to fill in with any other moments they wanted to be sure we’re filmed. Planning ahead of time minimizes the amount of things potentially missed by film crews. We film with the intention to edit, every shot filmed is part of a plan to create a great video. The timeline created with the brides is always on the videographers mind all the way until completion, ensuring a great finished product.

3. Moving Moments-A Deeper Dimension than Pictures

What is it that makes video different? When you go to the movies there is more happening than music and picture slides up on the screen. Video engages with an audience in a way that picture and music can’t. The sound of your voice when you say I do, the look on your face when you first see your significant other, the magic of that first married kiss, these are all moments that are most powerful in video. Our standard package now includes two separate videos, one long: (with highlights from the entire day and the full ceremony) and one short: (everything condensed into a recap set to music.) The ability to share a 2-3 minute unique video set to a song with people who were unable to see your wedding is really great! Yet having an intimate video of the entire ceremony is so important, you can look back, rehear your vows, the toasts, and relive your wedding day in 30 minutes from a unique perspective that you plan with us ahead of time.

Save Moments Relive Memories

We hear more and more that the average bride’s biggest regret is not getting video taken. It is becoming a must have for the modern bride and is a feature of your wedding you can enjoy endlessly. Don’t spend a fortune on your special day and then not have a video to remember it by. Be the star in your very own movie like video featuring everyone you love and celebrating the timless bond you and your significant other share. You won’t regret it.

Save Moments & Relive Memories with Pulse Productions.





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