3 Ways Video Can Help Sell A Home

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

For some homes pictures are just enough for a buyer to know if they might be interested in a house. A buyer will read the description, look through the lists of amenities, and then try and connect those stats with the pictures on the website, often times before they even contact the realtor. Buyers of houses are completely reliant on the walk through tour to verify the things they see and read online. The depth and character of a house can not be adequately shown though pictures and text, this is where video comes into play.

3 Ways Video Can Help Sell A home

1. Motion

Aside from presentations where pictures are panned across the standard realty websites lack the motion that can be achieved by video. The difference between a wide photograph of a living room and a panning video clip is HUGE! Starting a video clip focused on a strong feature in a room and ending on another is a powerful way to present said room. Starting at the bottom of the stairs and looking up, as if anticipating the climb. Showing off vaulted ceilings, sky lights, and unique architecture design, are ways motion in your realty presentations has tremendous value.

2. Entertainment

Watching a video tour can be a unique experience. Everyone has flipped quickly though photographs, not everyone has watched a piece of art themed around a unique homes interior, landscape, and structure. With the combination of music and strategically filmed/edited video clips a video tour of a house can be a piece of entertainment that conveys the feeling of living in that house. With voice over provided by the realtor or a third party a video tour can be as effective as a in person tour, and save everyone a potentially lengthy drive. With a combination of drone video and in house hand-held footage a fast moving video tour will keep a buyer watching and show them the very best the home has to offer.

3. Control

The ability to control the eyes of potential buyers allows realtors to emphasize on the strengths of a home. Showing the customization and love in each room, while also showing the space offered and how the rooms interconnect. Video allows potential buyers to get a birds eye view via drone. Flying up above the tree line allows the potential buyer to visualize the space and privacy they are given (if this is the case) and to get an idea where the house is on the property without walking around a potential 30+ acres.

Pictures are great, but the benefits of video are clear.

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