What You Miss Without Video at Your Wedding

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I recently had a conversation with someone over the importance of having a wedding video.

Their stance was that a video is nice but photography is much more important. They said that video simply documents the event while photos are artistic snap shots of the most important moments. Her reasoning works against itself in my opinion. Video's value is that it captures the day in it's entirety. That is the goal of the wedding video, to adequately and creatively document a once in a life time event, in a way that it can be relived over and over again.

So what will you miss if you choose to skip a wedding video? Let's talk about it.


The Main difference between video and photo is motion.

Here are some wedding moments that motion is particularly enticing:

  • The first kiss

  • The Look on his face as she walks down the isle

  • Smiles and tears of bride and groom during ceremony

  • Dancing

  • Bouquet toss action

  • Sand Ceremony Pouring

  • Sparklers

  • Etc.

There are a lot of really cool creative things to be done with the footage captured at a wedding. Be sure to work with your videographer and strategize over what moments you want an emphasis on while filming. With a heads up your video professional can be sure the cameras are pointed in the right direction.


Another huge feature of video is sound. Capturing the moments of your wedding day in more than a photo has a lot to do with the relationship motion has with sound, the crack of a person's voice as they say their vows, The cheers of the crowd as the bride and groom walk back down the isle, the exact words spoken by the officiant blessing the marriage and the couples future, these are all things that fade over time in the memories of those who are at your wedding but will be made timeless by your wedding video.

Unplanned Moments.

"They went above and beyond to make sure all our special moments were captured- even down to the little details. It was so fun to watch the video because as every bride/groom knows, the day is a whirlwind and there is so much you don't get to see (details, flower girls, etc.)" In this quote from one of our previous brides she describes just how much you can miss on your wedding day. Our goal when we work with you is for you to relax and enjoy yourself. When a bride and groom invite all of their closest friends and family to a large celebration there is always going to be moments that are unexpected. Some will be out of view of the bride, maybe before the ceremony, maybe during the pictures, maybe while signing the wedding contract. Having a crew of videographers at your wedding filming can help alleviate the stress of wanting to be everywhere at once. We capture those special moments so you can watch them later, as many times as you want!

All of these aspects work together to create the single greatest thing you risk missing by not having a video:


Video is the single best way to document and save the emotions of your special day.

Imagine it.

You are standing up at the alter, looking into your partners eyes, they are reciting their vows to you, tears slowly inching down their face. You smile big, taking all of it in. You've made it, your partner looks great, the day has been amazing, in less than 10 minutes you are going to be officially married to the one you love. You stand a little straighter, look out at the crowd for a moment, a crowd of all of your closest family and friends. They all look back at you, supporting you in this moment. You look back at your partner. Do you remember what they said?

With your wedding video you will always be able to look back and know what they said; word for word as they dedicated their life to you. You will be able to hear the sound of their voice, see the look on their face, relive that moment again and again in enough detail that you might as well be there.

Your wedding video doesn't just document a snapshot of a single moment but is the closest possible way to capture the emotion felt during your wedding day.

Motion - Sound - Unplanned Moments - Emotion

These are the things you may miss if you skip a wedding video. If you are planning on getting married, I strongly urge you to have a videographer present so you don't miss any one of these things!

If you are in the North Idaho/Spokane area I would love to be a part of your special day. My video production crew works to make the best possible video out of your wedding. Contact Pulse Productions for high quality professional video services.


Thanks for reading,

Travis Bertram

Owner Pulse Productions




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