We Met Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman


The other day we had the honor of working with a local superhero: @cdaspiderman. CDA Spiderman is a local cosplayer who's been getting a lot of local attention throughout the Coeur d'Alene community and after a 2 hour video shoot with the webhead himself we quickly learned why.


I planned to meet Spidey downtown in Coeur d'Alene at the local meeting place Independence Point. My pile of camera equipment sat on a bench as I stood and watched for the brightly colored superhero who hadn't quite arrived. I heard a few honks in the distance and saw Spiderman walking down the sidewalk parallel to Sherman Ave. waving as some construction crew members 10 stories up were shouting to try and get the superhero's attention. Spidey waved as he always does and greeted a few more folks as he walked towards me.

We visited for a couple minutes as I explained my vision for our video shoot and we brainstormed different spots within walking distance. Within minutes we were approached several times by people asking if they could get a picture with Spiderman. We we're happy to pause to allow that to happen. One interaction that really stood out was the instant connection Spidey shared with one timid little girl. Her and her grandma were on their way to the downtown park and she was mesmerized by seeing Spiderman in real life. She wanted to talk to him but also didn't want to be too close. Spidey was patient offering to pose atop the sword in the stone sculpture and allowing the little girl to sit opposite him for a quick photo. By the end of the exchange the girl gave Spidey a high five, beaming the entire time.


After that we were off. We filmed down by the park, along the lake and then decided to work our way further downtown where there were some nice buildings and parking garages. It felt like being the entourage to a real life celebrity. Every 30 seconds or so someone would shout "Hey Spidey!" we would always take the time to pause and interact with the community as we carried on with our video shoot. We made our way into Crickets to borrow a newspaper for a funny scene involving a park bench and quickly got stopped by one of the servers who wanted a picture for her son. Spiderman scaled a tree near the intersection and I snapped the pic for her.


Between filming and stopping for selfies with the locals we discussed CDA Spiderman's story. From future Spiderman suits, how he got started, and what he hopes to do with his superhero fame we discussed the many things he has been working on. CDA Spiderman described how he wants to do more charity events and find ways to help the community while growing his social media accounts and making special appearances at birthday parties to fund his future projects. He even described an upcoming rooftop interview he did with Balr Media that'll be released sometime in the near future.


CDA Spiderman was a pleasure to work with and the finished video turned out amazing. It was a really cool way to learn more about a local influencer/cosplayer and experiment with our skill set in a new and exciting way.

CDA Spiderman does birthday parties and events and has custom business cards he hands out for his services. If you have an upcoming party and want to support a local superhero who's following their dreams give him a call. Follow CDA Spiderman on Instagram or Facebook and be watching next time you are wandering downtown Coeur d'Alene, you never know when you might run into our very own friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

To reach The Amazing CDA Spiderman call 208-512-379.

Thank you for reading

Travis Bertram

Owner Pulse Productions