Facebook: Why it Sucks and Why It's a Must For Businesses

So you started a business. Do you have a Facebook page? These days every business really does need to have one, but this doesn't fulfill your marketing responsibilities as a business owner. In this blog I will tell you why you must have a FB page and why it sucks to be a business on Facebook these days.


Facebook is Winding Down

While an impressive 2.23 billion people log in to the platform every month only 30% of these users are aged between 25 and 34. Globally, only seven percent of Facebook users are aged 13 to 17. This is a clear drop from Facebook's heyday when it was a youthful platform for the kids, college students and the younger generation. While most paying customers with real money are older than this, the statistics on how quickly Facebook is shifting to a social media platform for an older audience is an important thing to note for a business's longevity.

FB is a great platform to deliver content to those who are interested but a post’s average organic reach is only around 6.4% of the Page’s total likes. The need for a business to put money into Facebook to reach those who are already "following" their page is becoming more and more apparent. This is a concerning statistic for business owners who think having a Facebook page will automatically bring them success.

The days where Facebook was a way to reach your local audience for free have passed and this is an important thing for business owners to realize.


Why Businesses Still Must Have a Facebook Page

Facebook has made its mark on the internet. In order to have a solid web presence and be recognized by Google a legitimate business really should have a FB page and keep it updated. It's discouraging to know that you'll grow your fan base on this platform and then struggle to show any of your content to those who've signed up to see it but having that content posted and updated is mandatory to remain relevant in today's digital world.

As the social media world shifts, platforms like Instagram and Twitter are thriving. Having these active accounts linked to a website does wonders to drive traffic there and obtain a good standing on web searches and their algorithms.


Facebook Crippled Itself

Greed on the part of Facebook has crippled it's ability to be a social platform where businesses thrived. To be seen by the masses a company needs to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to stand out and bring in new clients. This was money big companies were happy to pay. This created advertising fatigue over time and drove many of the younger people who enjoyed FB to other platforms where their feeds weren't swamped with constant ads.

This aspect has made it so marketers need to adapt. Businesses on social media must make more engaging and interesting content, content that doesn't stand out as obvious advertisements. Ads today need to show a businesses' individuality and uniqueness getting back to the roots of what it means to be social. It's unclear what will be the new big thing but as of now having the same strong branding across multiple platforms is the best way to utilize social media and show you are a legitimate business.


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