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Steven Lily Wedding Songbird Cover Music Video

"The video Travis put together is extraordinary...beyond my wildest expectations." -Glenn Vaughn

This is a custom music video with a story behind it. To celebrate his daughters wedding a creative father worked together with two family members from different parts of the world to create a music video to give as a gift. One from Australia and the other from Denver, the family members who worked on the project were unable to make the commute to attend the beautiful brides wedding. With the power of planning, the internet, some magic, and hard work this project came together without the family members ever needing to be in the same room. Old photos and VHS clips were digitalized to create a slide show to accompany the cover song performed for Lily, along with clips taken from the wedding day. This is quite truly a unique project of love that will be a timeless gift for the very lucky bride and groom.


Pulse Productions was honored to be a part of this powerful and touching project.


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